Natural Bay Black Alpaca Yarn


Natural Bay-Black Worsted Weight 200 Yards

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Grade 3 100% Alpaca

Homegrown alpaca

*Worsted weight

*200 Yards

*Natural Bay Black (Dark Brown-Black)

Alpaca is naturally soft and thermal, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, sustainable and eco-friendly.  Our alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring to keep them cool for the warmer months.  By the time winter rolls around, they are full fleeced and ready to withstand the cold again!  Our alpacas live out their lives on our ranch eating and playing in the sunshine.

We are Certified Master Classers with SGC through Suny Cobleskill.  This means that after shearing, we sort and separate the fleece based on grade, length and color.  This makes our yarn more uniform, consistent, and resistent to pilling.

Grade 1 (<20 micron) – great for next to skin!  We love this grade for scarves and cowls

Grade 2 (20-22.9 micron) – next to skin wearable.  Great for scarves and cowls and hats

Grade 3 (23-25.9 micron) – next to skin.  Our favorite grade!  Use for hats, socks, sweaters, gloves

Grade 4 (26-28.9 micron) – More durable.  We love this grade for gloves, mittens, toys and socks

Grade 5 (29-32 micron) – Durable.  Great for household items and items that are not right next to the skin.

Grade 6 (32.1-35 micron) – Most durable.  Household items and felt and items that are not next to skin. Rugs.

*Knitting needles in image not included*

*We have done our best to accurately convey the color but due to the variations in monitors, the color may vary.  Please reach out if you have any questions at all or need any clarification!

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