Maroon Blush Extra Long Slouch Hat with Pom


EXTRA long slouch alpaca hat in maroon and blush

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One-of-a-kind and handmade right here on our ranch!  Our alpacas are sheared in the spring to keep them cool for the summer months and this also provides us with their luxurious fiber to create products!

Style: EXTRA long slouch

Color: Maroon and blush with a little sparkle

Size: One size fits most medium to large adult heads

Extra: Blush pom and leather logo tag with ranch logo on one side and care instructions on the back

This hat was hand made right here on our ranch!  Skill and care goes into each product created on our ranch.

Alpaca is naturally thermal and soft, anti-microbial and moisture wicking and hypoallergenic when compared to sheeps wool.

Why alpaca over acrylic?

Acrylic is a man-made plastic material that traps in body heat and causes sweating.

Alpaca is a natural fiber that allows the body to breathe while still providing thermal insulation and keeps the body dry because it draws away moisture.  Additionally, alpaca is biodegradable and flame retardant.

Hand wash.  Dry flat

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