Alpaca Tea Bags


Alpaca manure tea bags for plants.

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***NOT for human Consumption

Plant enhancer

3.5″x5″ burlap bags filled with dried, chopped alpaca manure for your plants!

Alpaca manure (beans) is commonly referred to as Black Gold.  It is great for those delicate plants!  Our alpacas do a great job for us!  They are nature’s best composter!  With a 3 compartment stomach, alpacas have an efficient digestive system!

Alpaca manure is a superior soil enhanced for vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and houseplants.

The manure naturally contains phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium and micro-nutrients

Nitrogen helps plant foliage grow strong

Phosphorous promotes root and flower development

Potassium (potash) is important for overall plant health

Alpaca manure offers many benefits over artificial, man-made soil enhancers.  The organic matter in alpaca manure supports biological activity making the soil healthier and helping to prevent plant disease.

*Chemical free

*Pesticide free

*Herbicide free

To use:  Place the tea bag in a gallon of water in a glass jar or bucket.  Place it in the sun and allow it to sit for 24 to 48 hours.  Remove tea bag and lay it out in the sun to dry.  Store dry, used tea bag until ready to make the next batch.

Each tea bag will make 2 gallons of “tea”.

Water houseplants once or twice a week with tea.  Brewed tea can also be placed into a spray bottle and sprayed onto the leaves of houseplants once or twice a week.

Bag contents can also be used as a slow release soil enhancer for plants!  Just sprinkle the contents in the soil around the plant base and water.  The benefits of the manure will slowly be released into the soil.


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