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A Little About Us


A Family Owned Farm

Rolling Oak Alpaca Ranch was started by Judy Hoepker and Morgan Stevenson, a mother daughter duo, nearly a decade ago. At the time the farm only had a few alpacas and has since grown substantially. The dream started when Morgan was searching for a softer yarn to make her crocheting goods with. She searched the market and there was nowhere to get locally produced Alpaca yarn. This is when Morgan decided to get with her mom and start an alpaca farm. Morgan planned to learn to raise, shear, skirt, and spin the alpaca fiber into yarn that could be used for their products and sold to other crafters to use in their products. The 10 acre farm has a Makanda, IL address but it is just outside of Lick Creek.

Fun Fact About Alpaca
Alpacas are sheared once a year and produce soft, lightweight, thermal, moisture wicking, durable, hypoallergenic fleece.
Our Herd

Rolling Oak Alpaca Ranch Herd

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